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The Journey: To become unafraid of the answers


    1. Each moment you are being given directives.

    What is a directive? A directive is an instruction or order that is given to you to guide your actions or behavior in a specific way.

    2. Why do you ignore the directives?

    It takes discipline to learn to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.
    Symbolic language is always here but you have ignore it.
    Your ego has a death wish.
    Your ego tries to usurp God.

    3. You like your guidance in the form of time.

    You love that your life changes more slowly.
    If you got to the point where you totally surrendered to Source what would happen?
    For most people walking around on the planet God is an afterthought. I'll get around to God when I have some time.
    You don't realize that the prayers you pray have already been answered.

    4. Some of you pray but you don't like the answers you receive.

    Should I quit my job? Yes
    Should I divorce my spouse? Yes
    Should I be in the world and but not of the world? Yes
    Should I be more open-minded and willing to look at life through a new set of lenses? Yes
    Should I attack and defend? No
    Should I let go of all grievances? Yes
    Should I continue to stand in the dark? No
    Should I walk into the Light? Yes
    Are you able to do any of the above?
    Are you willing to?
    Would you act that fast if you had the answers? Probably not
    If you could and would act fast you've already received the answer to your questions.
    If you couldn't or wouldn't act fast you won't even recognize the answer that's already given.

    5. Spiritual mastery is...

    Not being afraid of the answers.
    Acting on the directives you receive without fear.
    Can you handle any directive and answers you get although it challenges some of your deeply held opinions and beliefs?
    Your journey is all about becoming unafraid of your inherent power and those directives.

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