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The Law of Giving and Receiving (3 min 34 sec read)

The Law of Giving and Receiving is a universal principle.
The law creates a flow of abundance that must continue to circulate.
Although many perceive giving and receiving as opposing forces, they're in fact two sides of the same coin.
When you show love and kindness to others, that same love and kindness will be reciprocated towards you. It's a two-way street.
You cannot receive unless you also give, and you cannot give unless you are open to receiving.
By embodying generosity, kindness, and selflessness, you create an opening within yourself to receive an abundance of those same qualities in return.

    1. The Dynamic of Giving and Receiving

    I will receive what I'm giving to you now.
    I am receiving what I'm giving you now (whether I'm aware of it or not).
    This is not a matter of giving now and expecting something in return a year later.
    That's the way it happens with most stuff when we're bargaining.
    But I'm not talking about bargaining where you give only to get.
    That's not the way the law of giving and receiving actually works.
    Everything you give you increases your store. It's an indisputable law.
    Real gifts never leave their source.

    I'm going to ask you to close your eyes just for 5 minutes and repeat after me.

    2. Think what you would hold out to everyone so it can be your experience too.

    I offer quietness. That is my desire for you. 
    My desire is for all the sources of your pain to disappear completely.
    It is my wish that anything that causes you fear be eliminated.
    My desire is for every person in the world who struggles with "mental illness", including myself, to find peace and calm.
    I'm offering you the gift of quietness and silence today.
    I offer you the experience of peace of mind that surpasses the world's understanding. 
    All your suffering can end today.
    I offer you tenderness, recognizing that you have been unkind to yourself and that there is an abundance of cruelty in the world. Today, I want to release you from all of that.
    I extend to you the gift of gentleness, understanding that you have been tough on yourself.
    I offer you understanding, empathy, and compassion, recognizing that what you are has been so misunderstood.
    I offer you kindness because the Self that you are is so deserving.
    I offer you safety because you've been hiding from yourself far too long.
    I extend to you my blessings, recognizing the sacredness and sanctity within you.
    I offer you love, acknowledging that you are love, that you're lovable, and that you're deserving of love. Furthermore, I recognize that Love is the star of the show.
    Say each one slowly and then wait a moment and you will notice that for instance, the PEACE that you really want everyone else to experience will settle in on you. 

    3. It's going to come to you in the exact amount that you give it.

    Your level of enthusiasm towards giving will reflect the quality of the giving you receive.
    If you approach your giving with passion and desire, you will also experience those same emotions and feelings in return.
    Without a genuine desire for peace and love for everyone, any actions you take in life are unlikely to succeed. If they do, their success will be short-lived.
    It is not possible to claim that you want peace and love for some individuals while wishing suffering upon others. Such a stance would violate the law of giving and receiving.
    This is not a theoretical idea that I came up with myself.
    The love that I am referring to is something that you can personally experience.
    If you are able to see the love and innocence in everyone you meet, you will make much faster progress in your learning, and you can be confident that you are moving in the right direction each time.
    Have a wonderful practice.
    Everybody you see today or think of offer to them what you want at that moment for yourself.
    And see what happens. 
    Have an awesome day.
    I hope our paths cross often.

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