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The Miracle Is Always Invisible

  • It's a miracle if we're able to look at something with new eyes.
  • It's a miracle if we shift what we call "bad" and see it as "good."
  • Since we appear to live in a perceptual world, It's a miracle if we have a shift in our perception.
  • It's a miracle if we can quickly shift from an emotion of hate to a heart filled with love.
  • It's a miracle if we would rather see the love in all situations instead of getting our way.

    1. First the miracle, then the form.

    When a shift in perspective has occurred miracles show up in the form of the mental, physical, and spiritual.

    2. Perception - what you see & how you see it

    We're not perceiving correctly.

    Our focus is much too narrow. It's as if we're glued to the TV and we don't notice anything else that's happening around us. It's only after the show is over that we remember we're in a room.

    Perception, when viewed through the eyes of fear, we are totally unaware of what is around us. We don't know how good life can be.

    We don't know how much we're always supported and loved.

    3. Something to contemplate

    We're all driven by a lot of fear and most of it is unconscious.

    You don't have to agree with me. This is something for you to contemplate.

    Consider this....you hear or read something that you find quite striking but it bumps up against something you believed most of your life to be true. What do you do? Do you contemplate the new information or do you immediately discard it?

    Contemplation doesn't require effort or silencing your mind.

    Contemplation is about rolling some ideas around in your mind that you now want to relate to. Contemplation is a thoughtful approach to gaining insight.

    More ideas for contemplation:

    • Love created me like itself.
    • I am an activity in the mind of God.
    • When you want only love that is what you will see.
    • Love cannot create unlike itself.
    • I Am That I AM
    • I Am That
    • Know Thyself
    • Holiness created me holy
    • Kindness created me kind
    • Helpfulness created me helpful
    • Perfection created me perfect

    How would life be if we were kind, helpful, and loving?

    4. Frequency rises

    We are in form as a body but that's secondary to the energy fields that we are.

    As we contemplate the truth about ourselves our frequency rises.

    As our frequency rises our perception changes. The shift occurs automagically.

    Each cell in our body is always listening to us. They're listening to what we say about ourselves and reflect back to us in our outer life.

    More love and more opportunity show up in our life as the shift happens.

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