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The mirror is your friend. (2 min 5 sec)


Mirrors have been by your side since 600 BCE.
You use them for personal grooming, such as maintaining your appearance, combing hair, applying makeup, or checking your reflection. It's the least preferred application.
They are also utilized as decorative elements in interior design, architecture, and artistic expressions, bringing depth to rooms and artworks.
Did you know that In certain cultures and spiritual traditions, mirrors are used as tools for divination, scrying, and connecting with higher realms?
Indeed, mirrors act as gateways, allowing access to information from spiritual realms and offering insights and messages beyond the physical world.

    1. It listens to you.

    2. It does exactly what you do.

    3. It’s honest.

    4. It doesn’t berate you.

    5. It’s always up to date with the latest information on you.

    6. It allows you to be whatever you wish to be without judgement.

    7. If you cry, it cries.

    8. if you ROFL, it ROFL.

    9. If you whine, it whines.

    10. It doesn’t deal in the past or the future, only the present moment.

    11. It doesn’t show any emotions.

    12. It doesn’t feel anything or have any opinions.

    13. It changes when you change.

    14. It never contradicts.

    15. It doesn’t reason or problem-solve.

    16. It listens to all of your questions but it never offers you any answers.

    17. It doesn’t play with perceptions, only absolutes.

    18. It won’t argue with you.

    19. It won’t beg or plead with you.

    20. It doesn’t plan or make decisions.

    21. It doesn’t store any information.

    22. It’s impartial.

    23. It doesn’t hang onto any experience.

    24. It’s true to form.

    25. It gives but it never takes.

    26. It won't complain it you beat it are curse it.

    27. It doesn't hold any grudges.

    28. If you're broken, it will show you to yourself.

    29. It shows you as much as you show it.

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