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The Most Tweetable Idea, EVER (2 min 59 sec read)

"Tweet the Shift"

The Most Tweetable Idea, EVER (2 min 59 sec read)

    1. Once I remove myself from the ‘problem’ the ‘problem’ becomes unsolvable.

    2. I only have one Real problem.

    My belief in separation is the root of all my problems and suffering in the world.
    I'm an expression of the same Divine Consciousness as you.
    However, I have created an illusion of separation in my mind, believing that I'm separate from you with my own separate interests and desires.
    My belief in separation leads to me being fearful.
    It is the source of all conflict, and suffering in my life.

    3. Removing myself from the problem renders it unsolvable; might as well play 18 rounds of golf.

    I am the problem.
    The way I see you is the problem.
    Resolution of the problem is possible only if I remain within it.
    However, this can only happen if I know what the Real problem is.
    Without a willingness to shift my perception, inner peace and liberation from suffering will remain elusive.
    All my negative emotions like anger, fear, or guilt arise from clinging to beliefs and thoughts that do not align with my inherent nature as an Infinite Spiritual Being.
    The key to changing my perception is to recognize that my thoughts and beliefs are not true and to be willing to let them go. 
    At this point, the problem can be permanently resolved.
    Once I recognize that my thinking is the only problem, I can let go of all judgments and grievances directed towards you.
    By extending forgiveness to others, acknowledging their innocence in being the problem, I liberate myself from negative emotions and limiting beliefs, allowing for a fresh perspective on the world.
    As I change my perception, I change the world I experience. 
    Through the shift in my perception, the entire world undergoes a transformative change.
    I will behold the intrinsic beauty and goodness within myself and others, perpetually present but previously unseen as I sought to look for the problem where it could never reside.

    4. Embracing and practicing "the most tweetable Idea" globally would swiftly dissolve all perceived differences, ushering in an unparalleled peace and joy beyond comprehension.

    Such a transformation of perception bestows upon us inner peace, boundless joy, and a profound sense of interconnectedness with all beings.

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