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The Naked Truth (3 min 03 sec)

A deep dive into the immutable nature of truth. Affix this captivating piece to your refrigerator and contemplate it daily. Within the realm of your convictions lie numerous notions that masquerade as truth but are, in fact, falsehoods. You possess the freedom to disregard this compilation, albeit at your own expense. Truth loves you but do you love the truth? Let's see.

The Naked Truth (3 min 03 sec)

    1. "Truth is true"

    Truth is absolute and unchanging. Truth is what is real and accurate, independent of personal beliefs or opinions.

    2. Truth needs no defense"

    Truth stands on its own merits and does not require justification. It is self-evident and does not rely on external validation.

    3. "Truth gives but does not take"

    Truth is generous and expansive. It offers understanding, clarity, and insight without demanding anything in return. It enriches your understanding without depleting or diminishing anything.

    4. "Truth is not temporal"

    Truth transcends time and is not limited by temporal constraints. It exists beyond the boundaries of past, present, and future, remaining constant and timeless.

    5. "Truth doesn't exist when the self is there"

    Your ego and self-centered perspective cloud your perception of truth. When you are attached to your personal biases, desires, or beliefs, it hinders your ability to see and accept the truth.

    6. "Truth is not perceivable through time"

    Truth is not something that can be fully grasped or understood through the passage of time alone. It transcends temporal limitations and requires a deeper, intuitive understanding beyond sequential experiences.

    7. "Truth is not concerned with past and future"

    Truth is rooted in the present moment and is not preoccupied with the past or future. It is focused on the eternal now, where ultimate reality resides.

    8. "Truth cannot be measured"

    Truth is not quantifiable. It is not something that can be reduced to mere numbers or empirical data. Its essence goes beyond the confines of measurement.

    9. "Without love, without compassion, without its own intelligence truth cannot be"

    Truth is intimately connected to love, compassion, and wisdom. These qualities are essential for the realization of truth. Love and compassion fuel your capacity to perceive and embrace truth, while intelligence allows you to comprehend it at a deep level.

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