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The one thing that makes or kills your day (and a solution that works for me)

If you've been in business for a while, you've already heard this

” under-commit and over-deliver.”

Nobody likes bad surprises.

You included!

Your ability to define what you do can make or kill your day.

    1. Isn't that strange? if you plan :

    -–10 things and realize only 6, you’ll feel bad most of the time.
    -–3 crucial things and you do 5 in the end, you feel great.

    2. Your feelings are not objective.

    Your mood varies with your interpretation and not the reality of your day.

    3. We all have bad days.

    And it’s OK, you learn a lot from them.

    The problem is when a bad day becomes a bad week, then a bad period. Sometimes it leads to burnout, losing your job, family issues…

    4. The solution that works for me is simple on paper.

    1/Take 15 minutes every morning.
    2/ Review my calendar for the day. It helps me not to be too greedy when I start to commit to the tasks I’ll do.😀
    3/Reprioritize what to do. That’s the crucial part. Everything seems to be important. It’s a never-ending game.
    4/Blocked in my agenda a time to execute what I commit for the day.

    During these 15 minutes, where I decide what to prioritize, I can make or kill my day.

    5. What is your trick to succeeding with your day?

    Despite having gained a lot of experience in this exercise, I still sometimes make the “greedy mistake" and plan too much.

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