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The Only Road - Forgiveness

It's not the best road, it's the only road.

The Only Road - Forgiveness

    1. Letting go of making myself and others feel guilty is the only way to salvation.

    This is the only plan that can lead me passed all suffering.

    Trying to get all of my ducks lined up in a row is hopeless. Forgive.

    The finger-pointing stops with me.

    2. Why would I reject love, joy, peace, and happiness?

    I find ways to quarrel with love itself.

    It's as if I am alone in a room with love and I keep trying to come up with a thousand reasons why fear is a better option.

    I have never been able to rid myself of pain using fear as a strategy.

    3. The devils I see are the angels life has sent to save me.

    Life only sends me angels. Most of the time I don't recognize them in their distressing disguises.

    4. Swallow hatred with love.

    Love is the taste of a new beginning.

    I either choose love or hate as my teacher, I can't beat what I eat.

    5. I'm the one who localizes events and makes them real.

    All events are neutral. They lack any inherent power.

    I makeup things and then I make them real.

    It always seems to be about other people. It's my mom, dad, sister, or brother that's the problem and I remain innocent.

    I hold the key to my own happiness. I'm also the one who holds the power to make the world my jailer.

    Wouldn't it be more intelligent to accept the gift that God has sent to me with gratitude?

    6. All suffering is the result of an unforgiven thought.

    There is no pain that forgiveness cannot heal.

    There is no pain that being willing to look at a situation differently cannot heal.

    The only thing that can injure me is my own condemnation.

    Condemning you and believing you are my problem never works. I've tried it.

    7. The instructions are very concise. There aren't a bunch of items to choose from.

    If I hold onto grievances I will suffer. The world suffers with me.

    If I let go of all grievances I am free. The world is freed with me.

    8. Everything is reflected back to me.

    The world is a giant mirror. It always reflects back to me my innermost thoughts and beliefs.

    As the inner so will be the outer.

    9. I'm free to choose.

    I have the free will to accept love, forgive, and join.

    I have the free will to condemn, judge, and separate.

    Holding onto grievances is self-defeating.

    I can choose to feel alive and free from mental pain and anguish or I can opt for the emotional pain that is unbearable.

    In the past, I used to believe that other people hurt me until I realized what I believed happened - didn't.

    As soon as I was open to giving the situation a different look the pain stopped.

    We, humans, are best at convincing ourselves of our own righteousness.

    10. If doesn't drive you nuts, it will drive you insane.

    Holding on to fear and hate takes up a lot of mental real estate.

    Most people will look at me as being certifiably insane if I utter the words, "I wholeheartedly trust in God."

    However, they will sing my praises if I curse, berate, and belittle my brother and make him the enemy

    We believe that others have hurt us but if we forgive them and see them with the eyes of love we will see ourselves in them.

    It's nearly impossible to condemn you when my face is sitting on your torso.

    It is only when you forgive that any words uttered here today will mean anything to you.

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