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The past is gone. (1 min 35 sec)

The past is gone. (1 min 35 sec)

    1. The past does not exist as a tangible, living entity that is "alive and well" in the present.

    2. Once a moment is over in our experience it dissolves into nothingness.

    3. The past is a collection of events and experiences that have already happened and are no longer occurring.

    4. The past does not have an independent existence separate from my memories and interpretations of it.

    5. The past does not exist.

    6. Your ego hates this Truth because it’s very existence depends on your past stories to keep you oppressed.

    7. Who are you without a past?

    8. The past cannot ruin the future because both clearly are not here now.

    9. Since the past is gone and the future is probabilities, you have the opportunity to free your mind from guilt now.

    10. In the eternal moment of now, the only moment that exists, you can change your mind from a belief in the sinfulness of yourself and others.

    11. Now is the stage on which all of my experiences occur.

    12. I do not need to refer to any stories from a nonexistent past.

    13. Right now, in this moment, is the time to let the past go.

    14. Who did what to whom is so played out.

    15. You deserve something good now and you’re the only who can give it to yourself.

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