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The Past Is Over

H/T @PowerofTruth

While I agree that the past is over and needs to be released; I think History carries many lessons, and pitfalls for those who take the time to look.

    1. History can help us understand gratitude and bounty

    The Human condition today is almost universally better than it was at any other time in history.

    2. History can give us perspective

    Whether locally or globally it may seem like we are on the slippery slope to oblivion. History can help us gain perspective as too how much we should really be concerned.

    3. History can be a guide and a roadmap.

    There really are not that many new experiences or events taking place. If we study History, we can often find similar events. With the advantage of perfect hindsight, we can see what decisions were made, and what the outcomes were. This knowledge can hopefully lead us to better decisions in the future.

    4. History can serve as a warning

    5. History can teach us the pitfalls of perception

    There is an old cliche that History is written by the winners. This has often been the case. When we view History, we must also check to see whose point of view we are looking at. Then ask ourselves, is there another relevant way to look at this?

    6. History can inspire us.

    7. History may be the original infotainment

    8. History can fool us.

    This can help us exercise our critical thinking muscles.

    9. History can teach us to take the long view forward

    Looking back, it is easy to believe that some of the most tragic and devastating events in history really weren't as bad as they seem. Nope! They really did suck. But the world didn't end and society hopefully improved. Sometimes being able to see past the present crisis and into the future is the only way to find the path. History is full of examples on how to accomplish this.

    10. History can get us free drinks.

    Know History and become the person everyone wants on their team for Trivia Night.😜

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