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The perceived “prize” is a trap. (1 min 07 sec)

The perceived “prize” is a trap. (1 min 07 sec)

    1. Catching a monkey using a coconut in a tree hole involves a simple technique.

    2. Find a suitable tree with a hole big enough for a monkey to reach inside but not retrieve its hand with a clenched fist.

    3. Securely fasten a coconut to the tree, preferably at the bottom of the hole, so the monkey can grab it.

    4. Wait patiently nearby, ensuring you remain hidden and quiet.

    5. When the monkey reaches into the hole to grab the coconut, its closed fist will prevent it from removing its hand.

    6. Approach the monkey slowly and carefully, ensuring you don't frighten it.

    7. Capture the monkey by using a net or a bag to cover it while keeping its hand with the coconut inside.

    8. Handle the monkey gently and responsibly, ensuring its safety and well-being.

    9. Always remember to prioritize the safety and ethical treatment of the monkey when attempting such activities.

    10. Just like monkeys we are highly possessive creatures, and our instinctual desire to hold onto material possessions overrides our logic.

    Just as the monkey's refusal to let go of the coconut stems from its unwillingness to release the perceived 'prize' it has obtained, our behavior, akin to that of the monkey, is often driven by our attachment to the things we fear losing.

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