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The perfect bowl of forgiveness. (2 min 40 sec)

The perfect bowl of forgiveness. (2 min 40 sec)

    1. A girl named Goldilocks.

    In a world where people were constantly searching for solutions to their problems, there lived a girl named Goldilocks. She had heard of countless approaches and techniques that claimed to bring peace and resolution, but none of them seemed to fit just right.

    2. One day, Goldilocks stumbled upon a quaint cottage in the woods.

    Curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to explore. As she entered the cottage, she discovered a table set with three bowls of porridge — hot, cold, and just right. Intrigued, she couldn't resist the temptation to try each one.

    3. She tasted the hot porridge first.

    It burned her tongue and left her feeling overwhelmed. This approach was like rushing headfirst into solving problems without taking the time to understand the deeper roots and allowing emotions to settle. It was too hot to handle, leaving her agitated and unable to find peace.

    4. Next, Goldilocks tried the cold porridge.

    It left her feeling indifferent and disconnected. This approach was like ignoring and denying the problems, pretending they didn't exist. She was turning a blind eye to the issues at hand, neglecting the opportunity for growth and resolution. The cold porridge left her feeling detached and unfulfilled.

    5. Finally, Goldilocks tried the bowl of porridge that was just right—forgiveness

    This approach was like the baby bear's porridge, perfectly balanced. Forgiveness allowed her to acknowledge the problems, confront them with compassion, and release the burden of resentment and anger. It provided a way to let go and find peace within.

    6. As Goldilocks embraced forgiveness, she discovered a newfound sense of tranquility.

    By releasing the judgments and grievances she held towards others and herself—she found a path to inner harmony. Forgiveness was the missing piece that made all the difference.
    From that day forward, Goldilocks carried the wisdom of forgiveness in her heart, sharing its transformative power with others. She realized that forgiveness was the porridge that was just right, offering a gentle and effective approach to solving problems and finding lasting peace.
    And so, Goldilocks lived happily ever after, spreading the message of forgiveness and its transformative magic throughout the land.

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