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The Power of a Little Bit Every Day

Here are ten things that if I do a little bit every day, in time, will compound to be a lot.

“Most people overestimate what they can do in a day, and underestimate what they can do in a month. We overestimate what we can do in a year, and underestimate what we can accomplish in a decade."

by Matthew Kelly from the book The Long View.


    1. Two minute cold showers

    Because breathing deeply forces me to get present and decreases the discomfort of my monkey mind.

    2. 15 minutes in a sauna

    I read a statistic that sweating in a sauna X time per week for X minutes per week will increase longevity. My goal is to live 100 years. So now I try to sweat in a sauna every day.

    3. 46 push ups a day

    I'm 46 and if I do 46 pushups every day, I am meeting my quota. Next year, I'll add one more. I might be 82 and have to start working backward. Choose any physical metric to gauge your lifetime progress.

    4. Read 12 pages in a book

    My kids want me to read the Harry Potter series. Okay, I said. I'll read 12 pages every day. They did the math and it will a few years to finish, but the example isn't lost on them. A little bit of reading every day is both enjoyable and doable.

    5. Write in journal

    Writing in a journal creates personal accountability for your thoughts because you’re putting them down in a concrete way, and that’s meaningful. The practice of doing so is your own support system.

    6. Meditate for three minutes

    I used to try to meditate for much longer, got impatient, and stopped altogether. Then I simply counted my breaths and set the timer for three minutes. Bingo. Each month, I add another 30 seconds.

    7. Stop eating at 6 PM

    If you Google it, you will get more information than you need. My simple understanding is that it helps keep the extra pounds off, and extra pounds add up over time.

    8. Writing someone a thank you note

    Every day we have encounters with friends, family, coworkers, new people, and everything in between. How special would it be if you wrote three or four sentences and put them in the mail? You'd be remembered.

    9. Say "hi" to a stranger

    I ask my children, Did you say "hi" to someone new today? Because a new friend(s) is always waiting for you to introduce yourself. My line in the coffee shop is, "You look like someone I should know. Hi, my name is..."

    10. Put "coffee money" in a jar

    Because Christmas isn't cheap, and my children love presents. And I like to make magic. If I put $3.50 in a jar each day I will have $1.277.50 in one year.

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