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The Power of No - Chapter 1: Your Bill of Rights - 10 Insights

I love exploring my creativity and artistry.
My purpose in reviewing this book is for me take the concepts and make them my own.
Think of it much like a cover for a song but instead I'm covering a book.
I'm not here to parrot what the authors are saying. It is not my intention to throw anyone under the bus. These are my insights and I do realize that many of them will be met with resistance. If a shoe pinches your foot please don't hesitate to remove it.
I believe one of the greatest appreciations you can give to an author is taking a deep dive into something they've written.

Choice - an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities
The world of duality - the world of opposites

It appears that on a moment by moment basis that we have an infinite number of choices before us? But is that really true?
If "yes" then it's easy to understand why it's so difficult to choose and why we often make the wrong choice. Wrong as I define it here meaning that it doesn't yield the result we're hoping for.

When we say "No" we must understand what we are by default saying "Yes" to which is not something we often think about. And I'm not just talking about on the surface.

Once you say "No' to something you immediately invoked the rights of "Yes" to something else.

Let's explore the "No" Bill of Rights

    1. You have a right to defend your life.

    What we defend against we make stronger.
    Energy goes where attention flows.
    I have no reason to defend my life. Life is guaranteed. Life is the substance of all that is.
    Haven't you noticed that life just kept flowing (even through the so-called pandemic)
    What gets trampled is the "story of me" - my separate sense of self.
    How could Life ever be threatened in any kind of way?
    Bodies? Yeah, bodies come and go. Bodies are communication devices. We keep assigning functions to the body that it cannot fulfill. We go to great lengths to protect it because we have come to believe that is what we are and all that we are.
    We believe that Love could create something as fragile and weak as the body.

    2. You have the right to healthy relationships and real love.

    The ONLY way to have a healthy relationship is to NOT have any grievances.
    A grievance is a real or imagined wrong or other cause for complaint or protest, especially unfair treatment.
    Having no grievances will be one of the most difficult things that you will ever do because we have been trained to find fault with others ad nauseam.
    How many times in your life have you pointed your finger at other people as being the source of all of your pain?
    How many times have pointed the finger at yourself?
    What most people refer to as love is not love at all. It conditional love at best. I will love you as long as you live out this script that I've carefully written for you.
    Sorry to burst your bubble but other people are not your problem. Other people are not my problem - I'm the source and the buck stops here.
    Be careful with the type of people you surround yourself with ....should be restated as - be careful with how you treat and what you think about the other people you surround yourself with. Why is this more beneficial? The first way you are projecting and making yourself better than those around you. The second way you see both yourself and others as innocent and you realize that you are giving the situation all the meaning it has for you.

    3. You have a right to use your talents and allow abundance into your life.

    If you fail to use your gifts and talents you will never have abundance in your life.
    Abundance of joy, peace, and happiness. Is that what you seek?
    If money is all that you're after you're barking up the wrong tree and in the words of Forrest Gump, "that's all i have to say about that".
    The path for you to bring your gifts and talents to the world has already been established and all you need to do is walk down the corridor.


    4. You have the right to assert what you want.

    The world of competition has unfortunately created an "us" against "them" strategy that is totally not needed.
    Assert implies force.
    Do most of us even really know what we want?
    How many times have you gotten exactly what you wanted only to realize that's not it? Be honest.
    Declaring that you want something that you do not believe you already have keeps you in a state of perpetual wanting.

    If you say yes to something you don't want to do and you..
    - end of hating what you're doing (why do you do things you hate?)
    - resent the person who asked you (why do you resent the other person when you made the decision to do what you're doing?)
    - hurt yourself (What hurts? Who hurt you?)
    What would happen if we spent time in the question and contemplation about what is so instead of beating up not only others but ourselves?
    I think we may not be getting as much from these "no bill of rights" as we could be getting.

    5. You have the right to choose what stories you believe in.

    Not only do we have the right to choose what stories we believe in - we are the ones making up the stories in the first place.
    Who do you think are making the choices to believe in the stories I believe in? You, my about my grandmother?
    We don't have to worry or be concerned about the stories that others are telling us because we cause far more damage by the stories we tell ourselves....and if you haven't noticed we can make up some tall tales.
    If you haven't been to the top of any the mountains listed below, I'd encourage you by all means, to go and after you've reached the Apex see if that does it for you. Does it hit the sweet spot?
    It just spinning a may be able to get them to spin but just not for very long. You may also discover they are a lot less satisfying than you may originally thought.
    Money Mountain
    College Mountain
    Big House Mountain
    Marriage Mountain
    Children Mountain
    Job Mountain
    Travel Mountain
    Shopping Spree Mountain
    Pursuit of Success Mountain


    6. You have a right to take your time.

    I'll be the first to admit that I don't use time for what it was meant for.
    Time well spent is waking up from the dream and to evolve consciously.
    Time well spent to remove all the blocks to love's awareness.
    Time well spent is to see you and me as one mind.
    Time well spent is understanding we're all doing the best we can given the tools we currently have to work with.
    Time is an illusion. When you're sitting on a park bench with the one you love time seems to fly by quickly but when you're sitting in a 6x8 ft jail cell time seems like an eternity. Same time - different experiences in the mind.
    Most of us spend our times frivolously and on frivolous things. Most of us have no idea what we own. Most of us have no idea where we're headed and if we're headed in the "right" direction.
    Again, when we don't understand the proper use of time we misuse it and project it onto other people and say he/she is wasting our time.

    7. You have a right to be honest.

    Being honest is a difficult thing for most people because they have a real need to make sure you stay in the room. If I say something that you disagree with not only will you ridicule and criticize me - you may also choose to exit the room.

    Most of us like to think that we're honest. Who among you will be the first to admit how dishonest you really are? Not me.

    If you don't think you're wearing a mask, I'd invite you to look again. We have been wearing our masks so long they've become a part of our regular uniform. That's why is so refreshing to finally see someone pull their masks off because there's this longing desire to remove our own.

    8. You have a right to an abundant and fulfilled life.

    What is abundance? There's probably as many definitions for abundance as there are people on the planet.
    What is a fulfilled life? Let's play a little game. You most likely believe that something created the world in which you see. You may call this something God - Love - Higher Self - All That Is or nothing at all - it may remain nameless.
    Do you not think that this something would NOT have built into to very fabric of our existence what we refer to as abundance and a fulfilled life? If the answer is "yes" then why don't most people see it and spend their entire lives seeking it? If the answer is "no" why would this something have such an oversight?

    Made up human constructs that seem real:
    Scarcity and Fear

    You can never be small but you can think that you're small.

    9. You have the right to be here now.

    Where else could you be?
    Past - sorry - it's already gone
    Future - sorry - it's not yet here
    NOW - Eckart enlightened you with the Power of Now
    Time traveling is all in your mind....If you travel to the past you do it NOW. If you travel to the future you do it NOW.
    As far as I can tell I've always been in the Now....

    10. You have the right to silence.

    I can't repeat this enough - the worst thing you could have is another thought.
    What problems could anyone have resting in the mind of God...resting in the mind of Love?
    I invite you to try it right now...a minute resting in love saves many lifetimes of misery and heartache.
    I know ... I know.. it sounds kind of airy fairy but it works 100% of the time. What the current success rate with things you use?
    Most things in the world are mostly noise. It keeps us in constant pursuit of something but there's one underlying theme - if and when we do catch the something they all end and some rather abruptly (some of you can identify with what I'm talking about)

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