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The Power of No - Why This Book Is for You - 4 Insights

Authenticity - Being genuine.
No I don't want to go.
No, I see no reason to attack you.
No, thanks for the invitation.
No, that's not in line with my present way of thinking.
No, I don't want to choose that path it's much too painful.
No, there's nothing could ever do to make me love you less.
No, let's just be silent.
No, works unless it's a hell YES!

    1. Remove the blocks that keep me from seeing what love/life has to offer.

    In the past I believed that saying "no" restricted me in some way and made my world smaller. In truth, it was just the opposite. My world didn't necessarily get any bigger, it became much deeper. It allowed me to begin removing the blocks that prevented me from seeing that I was love, lovable, and loving.

    2. No, allows me to tap into power I didn't realize you had.

    I'm only campaigning for one type of power, the power of love. Saying "no" to things that are hurtful, limiting, and regretful has helped to increase this power.

    3. Free myself from the belief systems that try to build a cage around me.

    Self-imposed bars. A jail of my own choosing. Doing time in the wrong way. Not honoring the fact that "No" is a complete sentence

    4. Martha, because sometimes she says "No"

    Boundaries are not only welcomed, but encouraged.
    The loving sound of "no."
    I knew the answer the moment you asked the question.
    Since you're forcing me to choose, it's Martha.

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