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The Razors (to help you cut through life’s noise) by Sahil Bloom!

Sahil Bloom came on to The James Altucher Show to talk about The Razors that help you cut through life's noise!

Below are some of the razors from the thread, and links to the episode as a thread as well!

Podcast Link:

Twitter Thread by Sahil Bloom: https://twitter.com/SahilBloom/thread/1409127007250751490

Thread by Sahil Bloom: https://twitter.com/SahilBloom


    1. The ELI5 Razor

    If someone uses a lot of complexity and jargon to explain something to you, they probably don’t understand it.

    2. Munger’s Rule of Opinions

    Opinions aren’t free. You have to work to earn the right to have them.

    3. Buffett’s Rule of Holes

    When things aren’t working, change course and try something different.

    4. The Paul Graham Crazy Idea Razor

    If someone proposes a crazy idea, ask:
    (1) Are they a domain expert?
    (2) Do I know them to be reasonable?

    If yes on (1) and (2), you should take the idea seriously, as it may be an asymmetric bet on the future.

    5. The Boaster’s Razor

    Truly successful people rarely feel the need to boast about their success.

    If someone regularly boasts about their income, wealth, or success, it’s fair to assume the reality is a fraction of what they claim.

    6. The Duck Test

    You can determine a lot about a person by regularly observing their habitual characteristics.

    7. Occam’s Razor

    The simplest explanation is often the best one.

    8. The Buffett Reputation Razor

    “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.” - Warren Buffett

    9. The Nassim Taleb “Look the Part” Razor

    If forced to choose between two options of seemingly equal merit, choose the one that doesn’t look the part.

    10. Hitchens’ Razor

    What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.

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