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Nicola Fisher


The Tiny Project 2023

I've been thinking a lot about 2023 and my goals. Partly because of lists here and a general feeling that I've not achieved as much as I would have liked this year. Of course, I've achieved a lot of other things that just weren't on my list.

    1. The Tiny Principles

    I realised that I'm short on time. I try to grab time here and there and work on my computer but those are not always the moments when I feel inspired. What if I just used my phone? Substack has reinstated the create button so I can now write and edit posts straight from my phone. This gave me the idea of applying that principle to everything I create.

    2. The Tiny Apps

    I've created a group of all the apps I will use: NotePD, Substack, Medium, Anchor, Bear Blog, Buttondown, Obsidian and, possibly, YouTube.

    3. The Tiny Project

    As well as creating my own tiny content on my phone, I'm setting up a project so that others can join in. With a monthly theme, the Tiny Project will run for 12 months. I'm planning on creating and scheduling all the posts, one a month, to make it as low maintenance as possible, and so that I'm not overwhelmed by other stuff and the project timescales slide.

    4. The Tiny Podcast

    I've set this up, ready to go, on Anchor. I can record tiny episodes from my phone.

    5. The Tiny Web

    My tiny web consists of my digital garden and my Bear Blog.

    6. Tiny Tech

    I'll be posting tiny articles about tech on Medium.

    7. Tiny and minimalist

    I'm hoping that adopting this approach will help me achieve more.

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