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Matt Ventre


The Way I Win

The things I make that will create abundance for me and the world. What needs to happen to make the wins come forever.

The Way I Win

    1. It will help people directly.

    It cannot harm them; it will not turn them into worse people. It will make them happier, or more productive, or healthier, wealthier, or more confident. Or all or some of these things combined.

    2. It will be a product or service that works 24 hours a day.

    It will work whether or not I am awake; it will work for people anywhere, anytime. It will "sell itself" without the need to leverage massive amounts of human labor.

    3. It will combine my interests and skills in a meaningful way.

    It will not be a struggle for me to create or produce; it will bring me joy because I will be proficient at it. It will more than likely combine my skills in social informatics, product design and strategy, software design, human factors, game design, sports and athletics, music and the fine arts, literature and books.

    4. It will not be a "passion" of mine.

    I will be passionate about the things I am good at, not force myself to be good at things that I am passionate about. For example, I love backgammon. I do not expect to be a world champion player, nor do I have the innate proclivity to perform the necessary on-the-fly mathematical calculations that the top experts can.

    5. It will happen, in a meaningful way, before my 40th birthday.

    It will not happen overnight; I overestimate what I can achieve in 1.5 months, but underestimate what I can achieve in 1.5 years.

    6. It will provide a strong example for my family and my community.

    It will be a source of learning and skills that I can pass on to my children who I want to be as strong and successful as they can be; and help as many people as they can help in a similar way.

    7. It will provide abundance financially and spiritually.

    It will make me fulfilled because my financial situation will be handled; my future will be bright, and my family's needs will be handled with ease. I will rest easy knowing that my contribution to the world is improving the human condition through a desirable product or service (even if it's something mundane like "collar stays on demand").

    8. It will be challenging to find, but easy to scale.

    It will require multiple attempts at experiments in order to discover this opportunity; and a little bit of luck. It will explode like wildfire once I discover it. It wants to exist. It wants to thrive.

    9. It will fit into my family life and obligations without complaint or struggle.

    It will not require me to sacrifice time with my family and friends; it will require work and prioritization of my time, which means I can no longer spend as much time idling or engaged in fanciful, but pleasurable, diversions (though I admit that downtime, where one plays with friends, consumes, reads, and synthesizes other information is critical for healthy thought and action).

    10. It will not require me to put my family at material risk in any case.

    It will not be like the "startup culture" lifestyle where I feed my family ramen for 5 years while I sink every moment and penny into the operation. It will enable me to continue to provide service to my clients and collaborators concurrently, generating steady income, while I focus on producing this life-changing thing.

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