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The Weekly Roundup

    1. Twos

    It made sense recently to use Microsoft 365 for my planning. But I started to find multiple to do list apps frustrating. I dabbled with Slash for a while - which is great but lacks some functionality - so I migrated all my tasks and plans into Twos. I've spent some time tweaking my set up but it's all sorted now. Twos is an amazing app - part planner, part writing things down - it's very customisable. And it gives great visibility of everything you need to do. Plus, it has a web app which is important, and you can share lists or make them public.

    2. Return of the mojo

    After two weeks (now nearly three) of a pesky flu bug, I finally feel like my mojo is back. It's good to be running on almost all cylinders again.

    3. Films in the Village Hall

    Last weekend we went to see Fisherman's Friends. While I wouldn't call it the best film ever, it was a nice film to watch on a Saturday evening. The next film is Mrs Harris Goes to Paris. This is based on the book by Paul Gallico, (currently only £1.99 on Kindle!), which I've read many times, and there's an earlier version of the film starring Angela Lansbury. Can't wait to see the new version.

    4. Shopping

    We popped into a local town last weekend. There was a new stationery shop opening that I wanted to check out and as we were feeling a lot better, we wanted to have a mooch. We had a nice brunch in a place called Nourish.

    5. Buxton

    I had an all day meeting in Buxton. I always enjoy the drive over there. During the day the rain was torrential. Unfortunately, the lunch was nothing to write home about!!

    6. Market Day

    Thursday is market day. Last week I bought some delicious cherry scones so went in search of them again. The bread man wasn't there!

    7. New Café

    The former fruit and veg shop has transformed itself into a café. I've been in a couple of times. There are a lot of cafés in town but each one has its place. Some cafés are to visit with friends, others are where Chris and I go together, some are journaling cafés. This new one, which opens at 07:00 will be an early morning café. Always very handy!

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