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The Weekly Roundup!

    1. Acorn

    Even though we live a distance from areas associated with my Mum and Dad, they are a part of Derbyshire for me. We used to come here for the day at weekends. We would drive to Buxton and surrounding areas. Occasionally, we would drive to Ashbourne. They (and especially my Mum) are forever connected with a homeware/kitchen shop called Acorn. Whenever I go in, I always think of them.

    2. Facebook shenanigans

    I decided to sell a sideboard on Facebook. It was a rather torturous process. After several days back and forth, a potential buyer ghosted me because I'd been in meetings all day and unable to answer her messages. However, the sideboard went the next day to the right person, as is often the case with Facebook.

    3. More room

    Now the sideboard has gone, we're enjoying the extra space in the kitchen!

    4. Hallowe'en

    Chris loves Hallowe'en. Our version was more low key compared to some of Chris' previous yard haunts but we had skeleton lights, signs, bunting, strobe lights and a smoke machine. Sadly, after a handful of visitors, the heavens opened and we had torrential rain which might have deterred others! Next year will be bigger and better!

    5. The broken chawan

    Chris turned a beautiful lidded chawan, at a demo, in a wood called Xylia. He just had to finish the base on each part. It was finished one night when I got home. Chris picked it up to show me the fit of the lid, and then he threw it over his shoulder - it's a blind thing, it happens sometimes. It hit the floor and chipped the rim. We were both gutted. He repaired the broken piece with some pyro designs and made a new lid. It still looks beautiful.

    6. Mad busy week

    It's been a hectic week spinning lots of plates. Twos is absolutely saving my bacon. I'm also using it for my daily log (which reminds me each weekend what I can include here!). As well as logging projects, tasks, reminders, I can share some of my lists in public which appeals to me. There's a great community in the Discord group.

    7. Fountain Pen Day

    It was fountain pen day yesterday. I didn't manage to photograph and share any of my pen collection but I did spend some time sorting through them one evening and seeing which I want to ink up next. I bought some new ink as well and a newly available converter for my Kaweco Sport Macchiato pen.

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