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The Year-Long Idea List Challenge: Set and Achieve Your Goals in the New Year

Great challenge. Hopefully I can achieve all of these.

My aims to have at least one a month. 

    1. Animate a short cartoon

    I love animating, but due to how long it takes I put it off. Hopefully I can write something so good that I don't mind spending the time making it great. 

    Example of my art style -

    2. Publish a new book

    I'm working on a mental reframes /psychological biases book. By changing how you think you can change your life, I hope that with my book I can give people the tools to defeat whatever mental illness is holding them back. 

    3. New job

    I can't keep doing supermarket work. Next year is the year I return to doing what I do best, teaching. 

    4. Girlfriend

    It's been a while it's about time I find someone I can settle down with. 

    5. Stand up

    I want to perform in a club. 

    6. Tshirts

    I want to start selling a few of my tshirt designs. I'd like to start this before this Christmas. 

    7. Stay off alcahol

    I'm doing fine without it. I don't see the point in returning to it. Maybe on special events, we'll see. 

    8. Do the impossible

    I like to prove people wrong. I'm not sure what they think I can do. I'll research then get to work in proving them wrong again. 

    9. Read 12 books

    One a month is easy. I just need to figure out what's worth reading. 

    10. Sell a premium list

    What would you pay to read? I'll work out ists) that are more valuable than the money you pay to read them. 

    11. New content daily

    On Facebook /Insta

    My daily risks. 

    Daily designs 

    I could add - daily jokes, daily conversations, new notes from what I've learnt that day 

    12. Become a multi millionaire

    I'm getting closer all the time. I'm smarter, more skilled and have a bigger following than the start of this year. If I keep it up I'll be rich in no time. 

    13. Back to work. I'll add more later

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