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The Year-Long Idea List Challenge: Set and Achieve Your Goals in the New Year

I planned to do this in December... and only got around to do this quickly now (in January). My perfectionist self is screaming that I should take more time to plan it, but I've decided to do a quick list of things that is in my mind for the next minutes I'm writing this post.

(honestly it's not like I never thought about my goals for 2023, but I really like the idea of evaluating it monthly)

    1. Start a new business

    I closed my previous one last year, and one of the things I learned was I didn't fail fast enough. So, now I really shouldn't wait for a perfect idea, just for a viable idea I like with a potential to generate profit.

    2. Get my German Driving License

    Very doable because I had my Indonesian license for years, I just need to pass the German driving tests.

    3. Master a new professional skill that would further support my work

    Something in AI, finance, or backend

    4. Write an idea list everyday

    Aiming for unbroken streak in 2023

    5. Run 600km

    6. Travel to at least one new place with my husband

    7. Read 25 books

    With at least 12 non fiction books

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