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There is no growth if you do not take the time to reflect.

But reflection is not reserved for your big life question only.

It's in our everyday life. We just need to see it

    1. Reflect on preparing your day

    What do I need to do today? What are the 3 most important things?

    2. Reflect on a complex task

    I have 45 minutes to treat this task, what would be the best way to address it?

    3. Reflect on your Life-Work Balance ( and yes I put life first on purpose)

    I'll stop at 6 pm, how should I organize my day to get the most out of it?

    When will I move?

    What will I eat?

    When will I take my breaks?

    4. Reflect on what you observed

    This meeting went completely wrong. What has happened?

    5. Reflect on how you act

    I lost my patience with this colleague, what led me to behave like this?

    What could I have done differently?

    6. There is no end to our growth if we constantly reflect and try to improve.

    Even for the little things in our lives

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