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They have less time (in total) than I do and yet they use it much better. 9 things I've learned from my cats.

Who am I talking about?

My two cats...

Apart from mealtime, when they eat at an insane speed, my cats (like all cats) are champions in the art of using their time well (although they have seven times less than we do in theory)

    1. Sleeping

    They don't miss an opportunity to nap in addition to their long sleep

    2. Playing

    Alone, in pairs, with us. Any occasion is good.

    3. Cuddling

    Whenever they feel like it

    4. They seize the moment

    Every sun ray is an opportunity to have a good time

    5. Even when the weather is not good

    Whether it's raining or snowing, there's no such thing as bad weather to take your daily walk

    6. Exercise

    I can't help but think they do it for exercise. Why jump on the shelf, and balance on the banister....

    7. Grooming

    Taking the time to look good

    8. Your project is consuming you. You think you don't have time.

    You haven't eaten yet, you haven't exercised yet, let alone played or hugged the people you love. Your project is consuming you. You think you don't have time.


    Think about what your cat would do in front of that ray of sunshine.

    9. It's not about how much time we have, but how we use it.

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