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Collin Harness


Things I am going to accomplish in 2022

Professional and personal things I am going to get done this year to advance toward my goals

    1. 100 YouTube videos

    I am going to get into the practice of making YouTube videos on a regular basis and reach 100 videos and 1000 followers

    2. Scrum master certified

    Take the class and take the test to be become scrum certified

    3. Google Project Management

    Take the Google project management course. Also maybe the Agile methodologies class. Coursera.

    4. Get married

    5. Plant backyard sweet potatoes vine in pots before summer begins

    6. Help David clean out the garage

    7. Learn about sales funnels and marketing - write blogs for myself and for the business

    8. Go to Denver this summer

    9. Help George with product development ideas

    10. Learn the Azure cloud - help the business migration

    11. Build up my external stock revenue income

    12. Start purchasing series I bonds

    13. Sell the residential lot - vacant land

    14. Make 1 new friend

    15. Go to more happy hours with friends

    16. Write 2 letters to Mima - sponsor child in DRC

    17. Read 2 more books

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