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Things I can do to diversify my income

I’m quitting my job this year to work fulltime on my own business. One part is creating and selling Christian books, seminars and courses.

That’s a bit risky, so I want something else as well. Preferably well-paid assignments for organizations. What are some options?

    1. Marketing your story

    Helping organizations tell a better story about their brands and products by using story principles. Kind of like Donald Miller’s Story Brand. I could even niche down to e.g. non-profits or governments, health care etc. Football clubs (I.e. soccer clubs for Americans) sounds amazing too.

    2. Help organizations increase productivity

    Using Deep Work and World without e-mail principles (Cal Newport) + Michael Hyatt’s goal setting and free to focus principles + my own experience as director of communications for a large non-profit. I’d create healthy and productive environments for organizations.

    3. Interim manager

    Care organizations are looking for capable managers to do specific jobs or achieve specific results.

    4. Start a paid newsletter

    Perhaps around a sports figure with a large fan base, e.g. Max Verstappen (F1 driver), or self-publishing, or side-hustles, the entrepreneur’s hero’s journey, etc

    5. Ghostwriting

    Write someone else’s book.

    6. Become Dutch self-publishing expert and consultant

    Earn money with courses and services.

    7. Professional coach or counselor

    E.g. debrief people who’ve been through traumatic experiences.

    8. Personal trainer

    I am at the gym writing this, what did you expect? ;-)

    9. Professional trainer for other organizations

    Sales training, training for Christian organization

    10. Start a Dutch financial university

    Inspired by what David Ramsey does in the US.

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