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Things I Do Or Want To Do That I Consider Reasonable But That Require What Many Would Consider An Unreasonable Amount Of Money

Homework Assignment from Unlock Your Potential Masterclass, Session 1

    1. Have a couple of homes...

    Have a couple of homes for my family (incl grandkids) - one "main" home plus one for summer vacationing and one for winter vacationing. All homes should be nice enough to do vacation rentals when we're not there.

    Locations for my homes: Florida, Colorado and some other state in US

    2. Meaningfully change someone's lives on regular basis...

    It's nice to give certain amount of money on regular basis to different charity and participate in different events like walk for a cause to raise awareness for something or for someone, it is taking small steps and making insignificant improvements at massive issues in the world. I would like to be able to impact people's entire life in a positive way, 360 degrees for someone who thinks that it is impossible to change anything in their life. I would like to provide some areas of the World in need of clean water,

    Better education for kids and adults especially to those who don’t have access to it at all or has very limited access. I would like to save people’s life from drugs, we have an epidemic of drugs and OD cases are extremely high, this year along I was at the funeral of a good friend of our family whose son passed away from OD and earlier last year heard from my relative that her younger cousin passed away from OD. Not to mention other funerals I attended in the same city I currently live in where someone I knew personally passed away from OD. The list goes on and on.

    I would like help married couples who struggle in the relationships save their marriages, their families, let kids grow up with both parents in the household. This could have been accomplished with the proper level of affordable or free of charge service.

    As an example, currently my help includes providing medications and other essentials to the dialysis health centers in Ukraine.

    I do other things too that's as close as I can get to major life improvement but I want to do a lot more.

    3. Know that any medical emergency situation can and will be covered...

    I've had family members go through terminal illnesses where quality and/or duration of life can be increased by non-insurance approved treatments.

    Thankfully one family member was saved with insurance available at that time to cover the required procedures. If insurance was not available there would be nothing I could do to save that family member and that would have been devastating to me.

    Two other family member I could not save and that was devastating.

    I would like to be in a position where money is not an issue to save my family member life if need be.

    4. Living longer while feeling better...

    Fact: providing for living a better, healthier, more energetic and longer life is expensive if not unaffordable for many people.

    • Organic food is very expensive, not to mention that regular non organic food went up in price
    • Properly sourced supplements from reputable companies with high-potency ingredients are expensive if not unaffordable
    • Above are essential given the deficiencies in store-bought produce
    • Even if good produce is sourced to optimize biochemistry supplementation is advised
    • Longevity and wellness medicine is rarely-if-ever covered by insurance
    • Meat costs more than before (for example my family buys meat from the private farmers that use organic way of growing/feeding their animals)
    • Alternative health therapies are expensive
    • Massage is expensive and some people could benefit from it on regular basis
    • Hormone and other blood testing is expensive
    • Many people need trainers or coaching for motivation - not cheap

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