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Things I Do That I Don't Have To Do...

This doesn't mean responsibilities I could (but won't) bail on, but optional things I do because I want to.

Things I Do That I Don't Have To Do...

    1. Social Media

    Keeping up with family and friends keeps me there. I avoid political talk, because reasonable people can disagree, but don't need to broadcast their disagreements to the world. And I do have a soft spot for the dog / kitten rescue videos.

    2. Officiating

    It is still fun, but the body is starting to tell me the time doing this is short. A few years more.

    3. Officiating Charity Event(s)

    NJ Special Olympics Snow Bowl, usual in March each year. I have been to all of them from the start (the only official to have done so). We don't get paid, and we like to give back. Since I work at a non-profit that helps adults with developmental disabilities, this one is special for me.

    Other events I've worked aren't being held any more, but would most likely work them if available.

    4. Keeping Up With Topics Of The Day

    Whether the news in general, the hot topic of the day, politics (don't talk about it, but do keep up), I probably spend a bit too much time reading about things above my pay grade.

    5. Hobbies

    There are a few I don't pursue wholeheartedly, and should "close out" so my mind and our house can be a bit more de-cluttered.

    6. "Harvesting" Apps

    Especially AI. I like seeing what they do, and if they could help me at work or home. But, with all that are out there, it gets overwhelming. A culling in this area is certainly in order.

    7. Worrying

    About things I don't have control over. Getting better, but still not good enough yet.

    8. Procrastinating

    Or maybe better called "if you aren't going to do it, set it aside." Things that are nice to do, not need to do, which get on the to do list but get pushed back. Need to either do it, or dump it.

    9. Amazon Surfing

    Don't buy much except needed items (and for the son when he pays for it), but do sometimes spend too much time "window shopping."

    10. Keeping Up With Most Sports

    Do try to keep up with the major sports, but don't really watch. More because it is often the topic of conversation with friends, and don't want to seem "totally" ignorant.

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