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Things I found in my file cabinets

I rooted around in 6 containers in my office, in search of a receipt for a root canal from ~10 years ago in order to give my current endodontist some history. I threw out 4 containers worth of papers. Following is what I found.

Things I found in my file cabinets

    1. A receipt for a flight to Philadelphia for an interview during the 2008 recession

    The thankless company that interviewed me stiffed me on the flight reimbursement, but I managed to find a job anyway, so F*** them. And yes I'm still angry about that.

    2. A lot of old examples of status reports, presentations

    The reports are helping to trigger my memories so that I can refresh my stories for interviews.

    3. Old training slides and notes on self-improvement

    I got a lot out of them the first time around, but there was a lot of good stuff in the folders

    4. Old paychecks, receipts, tax forms

    I think you only need to keep this crap for 7 years. I'm shredding all of it

    5. An old story that I wrote 20 some years ago

    It was better than I thought it was and it encouraged me to keep writing

    6. Old Performance reports from previous jobs

    These I am definitely going to shred.

    7. Family genealogy documents

    I have no idea how I received this, but I am definitely going to pore through them.

    8. Old Personality tests

    Back in the 90s, nearly every leadership class I took gave you a personality test to reveal your leadership style. I recently took another test and I want to see if I've changed.

    9. Old townhome association newsletters

    It made me realize that I've been in one place for a very long time.

    10. Old volunteer group newsletters, minutes, junk

    I have not volunteered very much since then. Most of my volunteering is online.

    11. Cheesy old Evangelical Notes and Booklets from Megachurches

    I didn't shred this. I just chucked them whole. Anything called "How to Win at Life" is problematic on the face of it. I find it hard to imagine Jeremiah or Jesus talking about Winning at Life. Both died young. It's just Prosperity faith crap.

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