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Things I Have I Can Toss / Sell

One of my 2023 goals is to de-clutter, and figure posting it here will push me to do so. And maybe inspire other lists and stories.

First check in will be in the middle of January. Already have it in my calendar. This AI picture is pretty close to how I see the clutter now.


    1. Old PCs

    I have a couple laying around. One isn't being used at all. One is my Linux PC which I had been learning Linux but now serves basically as a TV. The other is a Linux PC I intend on making a media server over the winter. So, the first goes. The third goes in the spring. The second we'll hold on to.

    2. Old Cel Phones

    Not being used, just want to see if I can find/pull any pictures before tossing.

    3. Old Hard Drives

    From other old computers.

    4. Antiques (translated - old things that were my Mom's)

    Some things that may have value, but probably not. In a tub, just need to take them somewhere.

    5. Sweaters

    I don't really wear many... those which were Christmas gifts can go into the clothing bin at the local first aid squad.

    6. Non-Sentimental / Non-Valuable GI Joes

    A good deal of my "collection" I let my son and his friends play with when they were little. Those are in tubs in the basement. Also have a bunch of boxed ones which have a bit of value. The former I may just put in a pile and let kids take for free at a garage sale in the spring. The latter I will find a toy store to sell them to.

    7. Old Chairs

    They are the wife's folks, which she was going to rehab. They've sat in the basement for about 15 years or so. This will be the hardest one as she seems to have a strong attachment to them plus the opinion that the basement (unfinished) is for storage (but also wants to finish it).

    8. Son's Legos

    Besides the voluminous sets he received over 15 years, a friend gave him 11 storage bins of Lego pieces. He doesn't play with them any more, and all the sets were deconstructed by him and his friends. So, we have a boat load of pieces...

    9. Books

    Got a lot of books I've read over the years. Don't feel the need to re-read a lot of them. Time to go through and donate them somewhere.

    10. Old Paperwork

    Did a big toss/recycle about 5 years ago... its time again to review & either scan & toss, or just toss. Need to inspire the wife to do the same with her paper.

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