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Things I have that I don't use enough

Not necessarily regretting the purchases, but definitely underutilized.

    1. Telescope

    Putting outside and setting up is more of a hassle than I thought it would be.

    2. Electric piano

    Bought used, so not a big deal, but taking up space.

    3. Air fryer

    Love it but I don't love cleaning it.

    4. Books I said I would read ASAP/someday

    The pile is getting bigger, both for physical books and e-reader books.

    5. Inversion board

    Love it, but remembering to do it is another thing. 

    6. Organic red wine subscription

    Dry Farms, 6 bottles every 2 months. Even at this minimal interval, the bottles accumulate. Easy to suspend the subscription though. 

    7. Massage package

    Prepaid massage package is underutilized. Need more time to schedule these.

    8. Jackets/overcoats

    These seem to accumulate faster than my other articles of clothing. 

    9. Outdoor grill

    Ever since I reduced my red meat intake to only special occasions at restaurants, my grill has become underutilized. I could grill veggies but that's an effort I'm not willing to put forth.

    10. Various electronic odds and ends

    Computer speakers, chargers, video game systems, stereos, video cameras, wifi routers, thumb drives, memory cards, charging stations, etc. Stuff becomes obsolete so quick these days.The e-waste is piling up. 

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