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Things I learned & implemented from James Altucher's podcast

I've been listening to the James Altucher podcast for years and have learned a tremendous amount. Much of that, I've put into action. Here are ten such items.

    1. Start a newsletter

    I set up a triathlon newsletter and have since connected with hundreds of triathletes from around the world. I have penned my thoughts, ideas, tips, and philosophies of racing and shared them with this group. Hopefully it has helped a few.

    2. Don't wait for others to give you approval - choose yourself

    You don't need a gatekeeper (that probably knows less about your subject than you) to give you approval to do what you want - write a book, create a podcast, YouTube channel, or newsletter. Do it yourself.

    3. Use the hub and spoke model

    I've connected much of my writing and thinking between a website, newsletter, app, YouTube channel, social media, instant messaging, and more. They feed off of each other.

    4. YouTube may be one of the most powerful platforms

    While I may have a small following, my YouTube channel grew faster than anything else I had built. I reached hundreds of thousands of viewers quickly - imagine that my videos have gone out to the equivalent of stadiums full of people a few times over. And I'm nobody special.

    5. Practice daily (writing, learning, thinking, etc)

    These skills only improve with practice. It's the best way to get better, more confident, and faster. And great ideas emerge along the way. Your brain is like a muscle - if not used, it will atrophy.

    6. Write a list of 101 things

    James had the idea for a structure of a book by listing out 101 things. I did this with 101 tips to a faster triathlon: www.ironmanhacks.com

    7. Be able to express the other side's opinion as well as your own

    I use this in work and at home. If I understand and can debate from my opponent's side as well as they can, I should have no gap in my thinking or reasoning. Aside from being a stronger debater, it can lead to empathy.

    8. Ideas are cheap

    Have a brilliant idea for a new business? Don't get precious about it. Share it, and don't ask for an NDA to be signed. It's not like people are going to necessarily copy it - easier said than done. And if it's so great, why aren't you doing it?

    9. Ready, fire, aim

    If you're waiting for your blog post, book, video, or podcast to be perfect before you release it, you'll never release it. First of all, nobody cares if it's not perfect, and most people won't even notice. Put quantity and volume above quality and precision or you'll never get anything shipped.

    10. Don't be afraid to try to contact someone you want to interview

    I wanted to interview pro triathletes and legends of the sport but didn't think they'd respond to me. I was scared. But then I heard James say he had felt that way once, but that there's no need to be. Since then, I've interviewed the greatest names in the sport.

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