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Things I love about being a twin

    1. It teaches you how to share.

    Imagine your parents are young, the ultrasound shows a single heartbeat, but when it comes to the moment of bringing a new life into this crazy world, the doctor says "Aaaaand here is a second one. Congrats, you have twins!". Mom was so tired to even process this.

    Long story short, my childhood was modest. But happy. Firstly, cause I had my best friend beside me all the time. My parents were barely prepared to have a single child but not two.

    However, despite this, we were raised in love and constant caring. The only moment to consider is that it was ok to understand that you have to share something with your brother. Sometimes, it was cause for example we were not able to afford a certain toy for both. But sometimes, it was because of the inability to find a certain toy in the amount of two. I always gave my brother the best one and played with a spare one instead. I was happy to see him smiling.

    When parents come home after a work day and bring you some treats, with one child it's much easier, they have just two different candies or a piece of cake. For siblings, it's always half of a candy number one, half of a candy number two, or half cake.

    Later things became better for our family, but the understanding of sharing is with me forever.

    2. If you're facing down a dark hall, your sibling is there, holds the light and go with you

    Whatever bothers your mind or soul, whatever dark times you are dealing with, the twin is beside you and ready to fight them with a bat. For sure, many people are lucky to have a BFF to be there for them, but twins are luckier to be born together with their BFF with only a difference of 10 minutes.

    3. Saying totally same things unexpectedly simultaneously.

    One of these tricks twins is using. Firstly, it's not because we are reading each other minds. I would like to evolve telepathy that's true but I believe it doesn't always come with all twins' packages and functions. The "trick" is behind the fact that you lived together for at least 1,5 decades, you watched so many movies together, read the same books, spoke to the same people, played the same games, and blah-blah-blah, so I believe the twin's brain develops kinda similar neural connections, most of the associations are the same, so I would say it was pretty often when we had a time saying totally unexpected word or phrase. People were shocked, they thought it was a setup. But what it would be for?

    4. We always advocate for each other.

    Parents, teachers, bullies. It's always 2 on 1 situation. Unfair, I know, but just try out removing away one of us, you will definitely fail.

    5. You follow by example.

    My right leg was a mess when I was born. I think nature had its own fun while creating me. Doctors were saying I will never walk without crutches or a wheelchair. Oh boy, they were so wrong. They just didn't consider the fact that a child's mind is free from any barriers, concerns, or blocks. Can you remember puppies with no leg for example or without an eye, just acting like all other dogs, cause they don't know, don't understand they are different? They are happy they are alive and beloved. So was I. Observing my brother standing, walking, running, playing, jumping, and doing all the kids' stuff. Why would I know some guys in white robes said I can't do it? I just used to stand up and I followed my bro.

    6. The pictures on our University Id cards were swapped. No one wanted to consider our complaints.

    They simply answered, "So what? They are the same! Go away, we have more serious work to do.".

    7. We can play Alias without words, just gestures.

    Other people don't like it. They don't want us to play on the same team. Once again, it's not telepathy, just many years spent together.

    8. Our parents have double support, care and help.

    Now it's our turn to care about them. So we do it collectively and with double power.

    9. The dentist said, "I don't need your X-Ray, I have your brother's. I see you have totally the same jaw structure.".

    That was not some doctor's negligence. Everything was fine. She was just aware that I will need the removal of my back teeth because they are growing totally the same way as my brother's, even at the same angle.

    10. Mostly it's related to all siblings but from the very first days in this world, you understand how to care about someone.

    So you are more prepared when now it's a matter of your own family.

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