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Things I take for granted

    1. My ability to communicate in English

    I was born in Taiwan and came to the US when I was six. I don’t know how to speak Chinese. When I was a kid, my parents wanted me to learn Chinese so they sent me to a Chinese school after school every day. But I hated it and would always run away. When I came here, my parents were worried that I would forget Chinese so they made me take classes at a community center on Sundays. Again, though, I hated it and would always run away from those classes as well. So now, after all these years of not learning or using Chinese, if someone speaks to me in Chinese (which is rare), then I have no idea what they are saying and have no way of communicating back with them. This is sad but true.

    2. The fact that people are basically good

    I’ve written about this before but... we like to think that people are bad or selfish or greedy or whatever but the reality is that most people are just trying their best and doing the best they can with what they have been given (upbringing, education). And if you treat others with respect then you will usually get respect back.

    3. Sleep

    When I was younger (in my 20s) I used to stay up all night working on projects or reading books or playing chess tournaments online until 6am or 7am. Then sleep till noon and go out partying until 6am again the next morning. And then repeat for many years straight without any sleep whatsoever (except for maybe an hour nap here and there). Then one day it hit me that this was not sustainable forever and that if I kept it up then eventually my body would break down completely and never recover from it ever again (which has happened to many friends of mine who did this same thing). So now I try very hard to make sure that by 10pm at night, even if there is some project i want to finish off, then i stop working on it even if its “only” 10pm because by 11pm Im already ready for bed since thats when the melatonin starts kicking in which makes you sleepy so its better not mess with your natural rhythm like that by forcing yourself awake when your body wants sleep anyway.

    4. My health

    For every year past 30 years old you live... statistically speaking... there's only half a year left of life left for you (this is an exaggeration but gives you an idea of why its important not to abuse your health). So eating right, sleeping right, exercising enough so as not be overweight , etc... these things are important because without good health who knows what else can go wrong later on in life? Nobody knows but why risk it?

    5. Relationships

    Like everyone else on earth, sometimes we treat our loved ones badly due to stress or anger issues we have going on within ourselves due to work problems or family issues or whatever else going on in our lives at any particular time (and yes, sometimes even love itself can be stressful). But one thing is certain: nobody gets out alive so its important while alive NOT TO RUIN THE RELATIONSHIPS YOU HAVE WITH PEOPLE WHO MEAN SOMETHING TO YOU AND vice versa . Because nobody knows how long anyone has left here on earth anyway so why waste precious moments fighting with someone who loves you? It makes no sense but unfortunately many relationships do end over stupid reasons like these sometimes instead of working through them together as partners should do. Its better than losing a partner forever over something stupid like this!

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