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Things I Want To Talk To My Company Owner About

I have a meeting with the owner of my company this week and I where I would like to ask him to mentor me so I can contribute to the development of the company more.

    1. There have been a lot of changes in the business lately and I want to know what I should focus on most to help develop the business

    2. Have you ever mentored someone before?

    3. What is your long term vision for the business?

    4. I have worked for the business for a few year now in operations, do you think it is a good idea if I connect with marketing about writing some blog posts about my subject matter expertiece

    Marketing could use more resources. Was thinking once a month or so writing an article/tweet/video/podcast. Something to contribute to the development of this department.

    5. I have my bachelors in finance, if the business ever needs to raise money or pitch itself I would be happy to be an advocate

    Would love the chance to get involved in the financial growth of the business somehow. Not a full time position, but building up this department.

    6. You have been a successful business developer, what is your investment philosophy? What does he invest in? What does he look for in an investment?

    7. How should I best network for the business?

    8. Do you mind if I share some future business development/feature ideas with Technology department?

    9. How would you recommend I grow the relationships with the existing clients?

    10. This should have been first on my list, ask him about his family, get to know him more personally. We have talked about his daughters before.

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