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Things I would like to see more highway rest areas have.

I'm sure many of these are being done in some capacity in some areas. It would be great if they were more widespread. Some of these would almost necessitate there be a fee attached and probably a few are just not feasible.

    1. Ice machines

    2. Showers

    3. An exterior panic button that not only automatically contacts proper authorities but also has a visible signal

    Maybe a flashing blue strobe at the entrance.

    4. A lounge.

    Air conditioned, super quiet with plush, comfortable furniture and seperate bathrooms. Access would be via credit card swipe, annual membership, or some other mechanism. Similar concept to the club lounges at airports.

    5. All rest areas should have restrooms.

    The ones that don't still have people going to the bathroom. Just far less sanitary conditions. 

    Porta-Potties are one option but have problems. Composting toilets are another. 

    6. EV charging stations

    7. Exterior potable water taps

    For pets, cleaning up after picnic, topping off RV tanks, etc.

    8. Designated exercise area

    Maybe a small walking loop. Or simply a series of steps, chin up bars, etc. a much scaled down exercise trail isea. Get out of your vehicle, stretch, do a few simple body weight exercises. Results, a more refreshed, alert driver.

    9. Covered picnic tables

    10. Pay phones

    I know it's the 21st century but things still get weird sometimes. Having the ability to communicate from the rest area in times of emergency is a good idea.

    11. AED

    If the case housing the AED is opened, authorities are automatically summoned.

    12. Adequate spacing along highway.

    This can be difficult to figure out and may vary from area to area. I think every 50 miles might be a good place to start the conversation.

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