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Things I'm going to have on my "Daily Checklist"

I got the idea for this list from the Art of Manliness article, "Routine's Not Working For You? Try a Daily Checklist


I figure @JamesAltucher's Daily Practice would be more achievable for me if I did this. The article says 3-5 things, but let's see if I can come up with 10.

Daily Checklist x Daily Practice = guaranteed daily 1 percent improvement

    1. 10 ideas a day

    Whether I do it here, or in a real notepad I have on me. This is something I have to do now to say I was creative at least once for the day.

    2. 30 minutes of some kind of exercise

    Even if that means only doing a walk outside and that's it.

    3. Journaling

    Even if it's one page.

    4. Meditating

    Even if it's for just five minutes.

    5. Reading

    Even if it's a few pages of a book.

    6. Gratitude

    I only need a list of five, which to me is achievable every day.

    7. Daily Review before bed

    Like what Seneca recommends. Mine will also include finding three wins.

    8. Self-compassionate self-talk

    I can do this right now!

    9. Writing

    Even if it's just a page. Even if the only writing I do is journaling.

    10. Working on a skill

    Taking at least one small step toward something I want to achieve. All those small steps will amount to something big.

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