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Things I’ve found while exploring the hospital.

My daughter has been in the ICU in a large children’s hospital for the last 36 hrs. So I’ve been there too. I’ve taken the time to do a little exploring and some of the things I’ve found have been fun, helpful, or interesting.

P.S. She is doing fine and will be discharged in another couple days. No worries there.

    1. The “small” or secondary lobby has a really big salt water fish tank.

    Cool place to just hang out for a few minutes.

    2. There are several outdoor spaces (like courtyards) that are directly connected to the hospital but are secured from entering from the outside.

    This allows, patients, staff, and family to get some outdoor time without having to actually exit the building and deal with public, security, waiting rooms, etc.

    3. Spare waiting rooms.

    There are several units that are busy during the day but not used after hours or weekends. There waiting areas are still open but almost never used.

    4. Secret bathrooms

    See above. There are also lots of other places where restrooms are out of the main traffic flow but still available.

    5. Stocked mini fridges and coffee bars.

    Again, see #3.

    6. Mini museums.

    The hospital has worked hard to make each person’s stay less cold and sterile. Many of the hallways have displays, signage, and interactive kiosks creating a variety of mini-museums.

    7. An audio tour.

    Much of the hospital‘s grounds have a series of large sculptures. I discovered by accident that on the hospital website you can download an audio tour as you walk among the statues.

    8. A 24hr Panera Bread in the lobby.

    9. Some of the elevators are stuck in a sort of “default” mode.

    One section of the hospital is 4 stories. One of the elevators in the bank travels only in a set pattern. From the main floor, it goes up; stopping on each floor. After stopping at 4, it returns directly to the main floor and then starts upward again. You can push buttons if you wish, but the pattern never changes.

    In the middle of the night, I rode it for over twenty minutes without ever pushing a button or having another passenger get on or off.

    10. The vending machine that accepts $5 bills can double as a change machine.

    If you place a $1 or $5 bill in the machine and then cancel the transaction; you get full face value back in coins.

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