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Things that are worth paying extra for

    1. TSA Pre-check or Global Entry

    Saves time and stress.

    2. First class on a long flight

    If it is reasonably more.

    3. Paying more for a nicer hotel on a long trip

    Again, within reason.

    4. Nicer clothes

    Tend to last longer. You can have less clothes that take up less space.

    5. Nicer dress shoes

    Last WAY longer. And dress shoes can be polished. Even leather soles can be replaced.

    6. Better quality meats

    At your grocery. Pay a little more for the better quality stuff.

    7. Hard-cover book

    If it has a nice cover. Then you can use it as decoration.

    8. Affordable MacBook and iPhone SE

    Can't believe I just wrote that....But, I do think their products work better for the average person. And the laptops tend to last longer. iPhone SE is the first iPhone I believe is worth buying over

    9. Living in a nicer AREA

    It's usually safer. Better schools. Library. Better network of people around you, etc.

    10. Nicer razor blades

    Shaving is important. But, the really expensive kind are a rip off...

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