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Things That Change - First Day of School

Today is the first day of school in our town. Things change from the summer. While some are a PITA, I realized last week that we only have two more first day of schools before our son is an adult. Tempus fugit.

Things That Change - First Day of School

    1. Have to wake up the kid

    Ours just doesn't hear the alarm(s) so one of us (usually me) has to get him awake. For him, that means totally out of bed, not just "yeah, I'm awake."

    2. Shifting work schedule

    When there isn't school, I go in at 6am and leave around 2pm. If I have to be home to wake the kid, I do some work from home, and stay later if I don't get the day's work done. Don't like varying that routine...

    3. School Buses

    Getting caught behind a bus can add 5-15 minutes to your commute.

    4. Earlier "to bed"

    The kid (16) has been going to bed after midnight or later. Now, we have to get him to bed by 10pm to get a decent night's sleep.

    5. Homework

    Our son needs a lot of nudging to get things done before the last minute, or late.

    6. Grade checking

    The school posts grades online, so the compulsive part of me checks regularly.

    7. Chores

    Its tough enough sometimes to get him to do his chores. Now, he has homework as an excuse.

    8. More time with friends

    Other than online, there were a few times did he do things with friends, like a birthday party or mountain bike riding. He either didn't ask, or was OK with just hanging online. At school, he'll have more time with his friends. And maybe do more with them.

    9. Start the college / career push

    He was going to go to college and be an engineer. That's changed a few times. But now he knows the rubber hits the road. He wants to start an online business, which we're supporting him on, but also pushing the need to go to college to learn about business and get at least some of the experience and learning that college provides.

    10. Spring - Lacrosse

    The kid plays lacrosse. So, at least until he gets his license and can drive to school, I pick him up from practice. Another draw on time, but another time to get dad/son time in the car.

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