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Things That I Value

There are a lot of things that I do not value. Like clothes. I am happy that I am able to wear clothes, but I really do not care if they are labels or just from Walmart.

There are many things that I do value. If you value something you should try and lean into it.

Define it.

Get clear on what it is that you value and why you actually value that.

If you do not value something do not spend time on it. We only have so much time to accomplish the things we want to get accomplished. Don't waste time doing things that are not going to serve you.

    1. Honesty

    Everything starts with honesty.

    There was a time when I was not very honest.

    I would throw house parties, because I did not have a lot of friends and hosting events was a great way to get people involved in my life. That did not end well. I threw a party that got out of hand and too many people showed up.

    You do not need to give people things in order for them to like you. If someone enjoys being around you, the relationship will evolve naturally.

    When you lie to youself you are also lying to other people.

    I could not help myself. My life was a mess and I did not want people to know. So I would lie. And then I would have to keep track of the lie. I did not want to see people, because I was afriad that I would slip up or they would find out real information about me.

    In order to live with yourself you just have to be honest.

    Honestly is also brutal. We live in polarizing times. Some people are going hate you because you are being honest. But then some people are going to adore you for being. There won't be many people in between. But you will be happy with youself.

    2. Money

    It probably seems inapropriate to put this so high on the list. But it is how I feel.

    I don't really value money, except that money buys you freedom. The more money you can acquire the more freedom you have.

    Need an abortion? It is now illegal in many states. But if you have money you can fly to Canada and get one for free.

    Money gives you access to tools and solutions.

    I want to have enough money that I do not have to work all the time or at a job that I do not really enjoy.

    3. Family

    You only get one family.

    We disagree on a lot of things. My parents love to talk about and participate in politics. Politics in important, but I prefer not to discuss it with my parents. I want to enjoy the people in my life without having to worry about where I stand on certain issues.

    Everyone is getting older and I need to do more family trips while everyone is still healthy and able to spend time together.

    4. Charity

    One day I will start a charitable foundation to give away my money.

    I currently have a few different charities that I am involved with:

    - WorldVision

    - Susan G. Komen

    - Wounded Warriors

    I want to put time and energy into something that I can see I am making a difference. These are causes that I believe will always need support and I think are worthy of me adding money into.

    5. Faith

    I will always be a Christian.

    I may not agree with a lot of things that go on in certain churches. But I believe in the core values of the faith and it will always stay with me.

    6. Cleanliness - Beauty

    The space around me effects my mental state.

    If I am surrounded by clutter and lots of items, it makes me anxious.

    I value simplicity and beauty. It makes me feel calm and like I do not need to be doing something every moment of the day.

    My goal is to have a really nice place that is organized and beautiful and well maintained. Then I will be able to focus on bigger things in my life.

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