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Thing's that make me angry

I find anger is usually a great source for comedy.  Hopefully I can use a few of these to make some new jokes/sketches.

    1. Confident idiots

    People who are so sure of themselves despite talking nonsense.  Because they're so confident people with no knowledge tend to side with them.  Noone that sure of themselves could be wrong, could they?

    2. Multiple priorities

    At work we need to do multiple things.  It's not always possible to do everything within the time given.  As a result we need to prioritise.  The thing is every boss want's something else priorities and the staff want different priorities.  We can't win.

    3. Changing what works

    When teaching I worked out a method that allowed me to teach an 8 week unit in half the time.  I'd still teach the 8 week's but they'd know the subject much better than those in other classes.  I then got told to change everything despite that leading to worse outcomes.  I argued, but despite everything being on my side I was still made to change things up.

    4. Anxiety

    Well people that talk about it.  People that make that their one defining feature. 'nice to meet you.  So tell me a little about yourself.' ' I suffer from anxiety.  I find it hard to do .....' they talk themselves into being sicker with each conversation. 

    If they stopped talking about it, it won't fix everything, but it will stop thing's getting worse.  More positive self talk will soon lead to better outcomes.

    5. Minion quotes

    The philosopher of our time.  We've all seen the quotes on Facebook on a minion photo 'if he can't handle you at your worst he doesn't deserve you at your best ' really?  You, a Jeremy Kyle reject think you're so good that a man should willingly put up with your skitso breakdowns, you getting back with your ex multiple times because 'he understands you' and having crap flung at him whenever it's your time of the month?  All because your god's gift to the earth?  You're scum hen.  No-one deserves to put up with anyone at their worst.

    6. Fake news

    So much folk believe so many fake stories.  But because it's from a 'trusted source ' I'm labelled as a mad nutter for pointing out any nonsense in their stories.  Similar to confident idiots.

    7. Planning

    Some people have big dreams and never archive them due to planning.  I've done this, but I'm getting better at just doing and making adjustments as I go.  I wish more would do this.  

    8. Stupid rules/laws

    The pandemic was really annoying.  So many rules made no sense.  Even when I followed their logic.  

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