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Things That Make Me Sweat

Let's keep this PG.

I have to sweat in order to lose weight. Sweating is good to keep your heart healthy. But it does take effort to make me sweat. Before you do sweat make sure you are ready for it.

Make sure you are wearing the right clothes. No one likes to sweat in formal wear or jeans. Workout clothes.

Make sure you have water around. It is bad to sweat too much.

Make sure you stretch before you sweat. I don't want you to hurt yourself.

Swim or take a shower after you have sweat. It is not good to leave the sweat on your body for a long time.

The more consistently you sweat the better you will feel.

    1. Jogging

    This is the best way that I have found to lose weight and stay in shape.

    2. The Sauna

    The sauna has so many benefits. You sweat a ton and get rid of lots of toxins in your body.

    3. Lifting weights

    Stressing your muscles

    4. Cycling aka spinning

    Pedaling really takes a toll.

    5. Yoga

    I am not flexible at all so yoga really makes me sweat.

    6. Swimming

    More laps more sweat.

    7. Boxing

    Mental focus and stressing your body.

    8. Hiking

    Some hikes are really steep and make me breathe hard and sweat.

    9. Skiing

    Skiing takes a lot of work, but it is beautiful up there. I honestly do not enjoy sweating with a coat on which always happens when I ski fast and do hard runs. But it is a great workout. And there is usually a great meal waiting at the end.

    10. Sports - Basketball, baseball, football, volleyball etc.

    Get competitive.

    11. Walking my dog

    My dog has a lot of energy and he loves to walk. Just not when it is really hot outside.

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