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Katie Ulrych


Things that make you "weird" and you love it!

Robert Greene gave a great interview on instagram. He said we needed more weird people in this world. I agree.

    1. I ask anyone I can what their dinner party is

    It tells me sooo much. Their interest, political leanings, music taste, movie preference, book preference, outlook on life, depth...

    I ask.. if you could have a dinner party with any 5 men and 5 women alive or dead, who would they be?

    1 rule: They must be known enough to have a Wikipedia page.

    Most people can't full answer but attempts work.

    2. I have the soul of a 4 yr old

    I connect best with people who want to do ridiculous things just to see what happens. I skip places. I'd rather eat dino nuggets than any fancy dish. If I were to decorate it would be in neon colors. My closet consists of xl boys graphic tees from. Target, unicorn dresses from Amazon and leggings because they are soft.

    3. I smell like buddy the elf

    One of my students tells me often I smell like maple syrup.

    4. I believe spirits are guiding us. Think the matrix.

    I believe that the people we have loved who have passed away are guiding us all the time. It's like we are their creation and they nudge us along our path.

    5. I have bought 30 pb books this year. I read maybe the first chapter of each.

    I want to finish them and if each chapter were 2 pages long. I think I could.

    6. I want to write books where every chapter is 2 pages long.

    When you're "ADD" people break things into smaller chunks for you. We need that constant state of accomplishment I think. I think there's a lot of people out there like me.

    7. Having had over 20 career changes

    I dont want to call it jobs because they are someone else's full on careers. I mean I have been certified to do a lot of different things. I like it because I can empathize with a lot more people now. I know what it's like to be in there shoes.

    8. Id rather live in a smaller space and have no car than live in a bigger space and have a fancy car. If I had all the money!

    9. I cut 99% of my hair off every 4/5 years

    10. I feel like some of my favorite people are my 4/5 yr old students

    Sometimes I wish I was their age so we could be same age friends.

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