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Thing's that would make life easier

I'm so tired today.  I need an easy list.

    1. IKEA sofa

    A sofa that you can put together from lots of smaller bits.  Moving them at the moment is next to impossible, but If you could detach part's it would be simple.

    Why isn't this already a thing?

    2. Thermo lock cooker

    To prevent a gas leak why not have a thermometer on your cooker.  When gas mixes with fire surely it's a lot hotter.  If it doesn't reach that level afternoon a few seconds gas should automatically switch off.

    3. Fireman's pole in flats

    After a certain height buildings should have fireman pole's installed.  If there's a fire it beats taking the stares (unless it gets far too hot.  Maybe there's a way to prevent that?) But most importantly it would be fun.  Finish a long day at work, hating life.  Go to the pole 'wwweeee!!!' By the time you reach the bottom you'll be loving life egare to return.

    4. Where's Wally app

    Imagine where's Wally (Waldo) mixed with Pokémon go.  The object of the game is to Hunt down another player.  You use GPS to do this as well as photos.  Every so often the hunted will be asked to take a photo of they're surroundings (or video) the Hunter will chase after them.  A tag option could be added so that once found a new person becomes the hunted.

    I played a game like this in China.  It was a great way to explore the city.  The biggest problem was people taking bad photos.  They were too focused on winning that they didn't play fair.  Photos need to have something in them that gives the location away (after some work)

    5. Love yourself book

    A book full of better questions than will help you think more positively about yourself.  After you fill out this book you'll have proof that you're awesome.

    Example questions

    Name 10 thing's you have atchieved? (if you're struggling being able to read/writes a starta start

    Write about 3 people who have changed your life for the better.

    What have you done that others doubted you could do?

    What 10 thing's are you grateful for?

    Look around you list 20 thing's you can see (this act trains focus and calms the mind)

    Write advice to your younger self.  Write it in such a way that your younger self would listen to it.

    What clothing makes you look your best?

    People suffer from mental health problems for the most part due to having poor thinking skills.  This book will reprogram how they think in a really simple way.  I love this idea I'll jot down questions and see what I can do.  If you have any suggestions please let me know.

    6. Video data bank

    AI work's on data.  In order to live forever all we have to do is feed AI a database of us.  If we recorded a video everyday answering questions the AI will be able to answer questions like us even after we die.  Imagine that a Siri video version of your deceased loved one's.

    7. Wow

    I'm exhausted.  I've been helping a friend move all day.  Eating a calzone probably didn't help (but it was delicious 😋) I can't believe I managed to write so much this list and come up with some ideas I will take forward.  Maybe working yourself to exhaustion is the secret to coming up with new and unique ideas.  Or maybe I'm too tired to realise I'm reusing old ones.  Who knows.

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