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Things to declutter

This is a branch off of a list from yesterday. I mentioned that I had a drawer full of my junk, under our official junk drawer in the kitchen and that I needed to do some work on it. Today I did! I didn't finish it but I definitely made progress.

    1. Getting started

    With projects like this, invariably there will be some low hanging fruit that won't take any time at all and will get you a meaningful way toward finishing the project. With my drawer, maybe 10 minutes and the job is halfway done making the drawer much easier to navigate if I don't jump right back in.

    2. Old business cards

    Mine and ones from other people. Anyone I need to contact is in my phone, how about you? I threw away a bunch but I have another pile in their that I should go through and then I'm sure throw them out.

    3. A mountain of old health insurance paperwork

    Does anyone keep that stuff? And if you do, do you read it?

    4. An old piece of tech equipment

    Calling it tech is a bit optimistic, it's a thing yo put your laptop on instead of putting it right on you.

    5. Australian and Canadian currency from trips

    I kept that of course, but forgot I had those notes.

    6. Paperwork related to my day job and the fire department

    I probably never needed to keep it in the first place, now to shred it.

    7. Logistics Section Chief taskbook

    From 2013 to 2016 we had an all-hazard incident management team made up of local fire personnel. We were trying to get off the ground with it, I was the Logistics Section Chief (LSC) trainee. For some reason we were not able to get accreditation from the state (accreditation may not be the right term for this) and it sort of unraveled. Filling out and completing a taskbook for any position in the incident management organization is how you move from trainee to being qualified for the position.

    A while back I decided that I wouldn't be pursuing logistics. If I was going to do anything, I would try to be a liaison. I threw out my LSC taskbook. It was difficult because it represented work that I had done but once you go three years with no entries it is considered to be expired and I'd been 6 or 7 year from any LSC assignments or trainings.

    8. Old phones

    Does anyone actually recycle their phones? Security-wise is that a bad idea? Is there something that you can do to the phone that wipes it? Factory reset maybe?

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