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Collin Harness


Things to do before I die

Things I would like to accomplish in my life.

    1. Travel to all the countries in the world with husband

    Currently at 7 of 195

    2. Visit all the US National Parks - Wonders of the world

    The national parks never disappoint me. Lots of great hikes to do.

    3. Write a best selling book

    I think I have a bestseller somewhere inside me.

    4. Make a movie or miniseries

    I think I have one or 2 stories I could tell.

    5. Get married

    Happening Oct. 1, 2022. See you at the event. Lol

    6. Make $10,000 per month

    Nowhere near this amount at the moment, but would be nice to have this target.

    7. Create a successful business

    Create a business that adds value to others

    8. Create a charitable trust to give money away

    Once I have enough money, give money away every year to my favorite causes:
    - WorldVision
    - kiva
    - Church
    - Planting Trees
    - Veterans orgs
    - Susan G. Komen

    9. Build a following

    Create a following of people and help them with products/services

    10. Take a private flight or learn to fly a plane

    Would be nice to fly around the world in a plane and also fly other people.

    11. Build/remodel/design homes

    Would love to be able to buy/remodel old homes. Enjoy home design and decor.

    12. Create a successful restaurant/hotel/winery experience

    Would love to create an enjoyable experience for people to visit and take in. Escape from everyday life.

    13. See more concerts

    - Lady gaga
    - Madonna
    - Dua Lipa
    - Miley Cyrus

    14. Meet the pope

    Meet the pope in the Vatican. Maybe donate money to a church cause, although I am not Catholic.

    15. Meet the English monarch

    Go big

    16. Create a successful farm

    Fulfill my dads dream of creating a beautiful functioning farm.
    - crops
    - animals
    - garden/greenhouse/flowers
    - restaurant/hotel/store
    - horses - trails

    17. Beach house - buy or rent

    Would be fun to buy or stay in a beach house or mountain house for a while.

    Prefer renting over buying.

    18. Fully ‘green’

    Want my home to be powered by solar panels and wind turbines. Would like to drive a Tesla.

    Also have a dream of having enough money to outfit my local school district with solar panels on every building.

    19. Have an assistant

    Would be nice to have a personal assistant take care of things for me.

    20. Sponsor more children through WorldVision - Create a school/library in DRC Africa.

    21. Visit Africa - safari

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