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Things to do immediately when they arise

There are plenty of things that can be put off until later, although I tend to write those things down so I don't forget. Still, I've noticed these things work better when you just go ahead and do them when you see they need doing.


    1. Wash dishes.

    Wash them while you're cooking. Wash as soon as you eating. Keep a bottle of foaming dish detergent handy. (You can refill those things with 1/3 dish soap and 2/3 water.)

    2. Call a loved one.

    When you think about doing it, do it. Within reason. If you're in the middle of sex or doing open-heart surgery, let it ride. There's just way too many things, though, where we think, "I should do that. I'll do that later." And later never comes.

    3. Laundry.

    Obviously, not as soon as one thing gets dirty. But when you notice the basket is full, just throw it in the washer.

    4. Reply to an email if it takes less than three sentence.

    It takes more time to find it again later. Just reply.

    5. Eat fresh-cooked eggs.

    They don't reheat well.

    6. Eat fresh-cooked rice.

    It really doesn't reheat well.

    7. Request a prescription refill.

    With the app, it takes seconds. If you don't do it immediately, you will forget until you need it again.

    8. Jot down an idea.

    Ideas evaporate faster than any other known substance. Grab it while you can, judge it later.

    9. Say, "I love you."

    Not to the first stranger you meet, although that could be an interesting idea. Rather, when it occurs to you to say it to someone you have a relationship with, find a way to say it while it's fresh. If you put it off, you could lose your chance.

    10. Go out and listen to the rain.

    When you're writing a list, and you realize it's raining and you have a nice front porch where you could sit and just listen to it rain for a few minutes, go out and do it. It could stop raining any minute. I'll be right back.... See, it only kept raining for five minutes. If I had waited, I would have missed it. When I came back in, I noticed the laundry basket was full, so.... But I wrote the idea down as soon as it occurred to me, because ideas are volatile. See how it all ties together?

    11. BONUS: When you take out the full garbage bag, put a new one in, even before you carry the full one out.

    Otherwise, you'll likely forget, and then you'll be standing there with a cracked egg shell or an empty cat food can with goop all over your hands and no bag in the garbage can.

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