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Things to Do with an Unexpected Hour

The other day I wrote about the wonders of an unexpected free day. More commonly there will be an unexpected free hour. Happened this morning—I had a meeting scheduled for early morning, got out of bed earlier than usual, did coffee, and then got the email 20 before the meeting was to begin that it had been canceled. At first I was irritated—could have slept longer. But since it was too late to go back to bed, I thought of the joys of found time.

The first thing that comes to mind is to be productive at something, but I like to use unexpected hours to chill out a bit.

Things to Do with an Unexpected Hour

    1. Eat a leisurely (rather than rushed) breakfast.

    Actual time to enjoy taste, smell, and texture.

    2. Sit on the front porch and do nothing.

    3. Read.

    This is always good.

    4. Nap.

    I probably can't go back to sleep, but just drowsing feels good. Just don't try to go back to sleep, which can lead to frustration. This is just the prone version of sitting on the front porch and doing nothing.

    5. Move laundry along.

    6. Take a shower.

    7. Slowly sip another coffee.

    8. Play with the cat.

    9. Watch YouTube.

    No guilt, since it wasn't time I was supposed to be productive in the first place.

    10. Next level of video game.

    I'm playing through the Portal series again after several years. Just like brand new, yet familiar.

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