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Things To Figure Out Before Getting Married

    1. Whether or not to have children

    And if so, how many?

    2. Travel Together

    Some people value travel more than others altogether. Travel can come in many different forms from luxurious to roughing it, busy and active or laid back and relaxed. Also, the stress of travel is a good stress simulator to see how you handle adversity as a couple.

    3. Spirituality

    You should have some idea of each others' religions. Some individuals don't actively practice, but may return to it for a wedding, or simply resume after a lapse.

    4. Career Directions

    If there's an unfulfilled dream that will require relocation or other potential upheavals in your working life, how will you handle it as a couple?

    5. Living spaces

    What kind of home would be ideal for you not only now, but going forward - is one a city mouse and the other a country mouse?

    6. Finances

    How are financial decisions made? Does each individual have some free discretionary spending? Is everything pooled or just a portion?

    7. Managing In-Laws

    How often do you expect to see extended family? Which holidays and birthdays are the most important?

    8. Food

    Obviously, vegans vs carnivores can be a fraught issue, but also, how healthy do you want to eat? How much do you eat out?

    9. Boundaries and Deal-Breakers

    Under what circumstances would you marriage dissolve? Abuse and adultery are common deal-breakers, but there could be others.

    10. Death

    If one of you should pass, would they wish the other to remarry?

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